Conquer Online 5.731

Conquer Online 5.731

Free It is a free-to-play MMORPG game set in the world of ancient China
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Conquer Online is a classic 2D massively multiplayer online RPG. It is set in a fantasy medieval world and it doesn't really have a storyline. You're simply thrown in the world without a general objective, other than killing monsters and being the best fighter in the kingdom. It's graphics are similar to early 2000's games and it is played mostly with the mouse.

Once entering the game you'll notice that there are a lot of game servers to choose from. Each server is different, for example some are PvP dedicated servers, where players can battle each other anywhere. Other servers might have 200% more experience, which means you'll level up twice as fast. I personally like this type of variety, because it's basically like the game is offered in a lot of custom modes.

After choosing a server, you'll need to create a character. There is no character creation process, instead you get to choose between a total of seven different classes, each with both genders. After that, you can also change the size. There are two sizes to choose from, but it won't influence on anything other than appearance. After that you'll enter the game world where you'll be greeted by a tutorial which will explain the games features through some missions. It isn't very long and I found it to be quite thorough.

The gameplay and game mechanics are very similar to classic RPG's of the late 90's, early 2000's. Moving and attacking is done with the mouse, and the keyboard is mostly used for hotkeys. The game does have a very nice pathfinding feature. Basically it is like an auto-pilot which will guide you to the desired location. It also works for quests, so you won't spend time searching for their location. Instead the pathfinding feature will take you directly to them. This is a very nice feature to have in a game like this, because the maps are massive, and without something to guide you, it could get very frustrating. The skill system is also very similar to most other games. As you level up, new skills will become available, and you'll have to train them at certain NPC's. Another interesting feature of the game is that you can actually gain more XP if you kill more enemies at once and also if you team up with more people. This is a very nice thing, because it favors players who work in a team, which is always more fun.

Conquer Online is a pretty decent game. If you're a fan of classic MMORPG's you should give this one a try.

DN Senior editor
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  • Very easy to play
  • Nice sound effects and music
  • Great artwork
  • Nice animations


  • Outdated graphics


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